Thursday, November 9, 2017

Should Plastic Bags be Used in Supermarket?

WALT: Use the correct structure in a persuasive text.
Should Plastic Bags be Used in Supermarket?

Plastic bags are a really big problem and I’m sure everyone has a different opinion, some people think they're good things to have, other people think not, like me I think they are bad, keep reading to hear why I think that.

Our wonderful and gorgeous marine and bird life misunderstand plastic bags that have floated away. They will think that it is yummy food to eat. For example turtles misunderstand plastic bags that have flown away to be jellyfish, they think this because they cannot tell the difference like we can so they simply try to eat the plastic bags and choke while trying to swallow a piece. You may be thinking but they don't always choke, that is true but would you even want to risk it?

Also when plastic bags finally break down they release a toxic gas that can cause the OZone layer to have a hole in it, it can also cause cancer and raise water levels.

That is why I think we should not use plastic bags in supermarkets.

At the start of term 4 in Te Ngahere we did a piece of persuasive writing the title was should we use plastic bags in supermarkets.
Our WALT: Use the correct structure in a persuasive text. I think my writing is good because I used the correct structure but I also think that I should write more

Thursday, September 28, 2017

William Pike

Last week in Te Ngahere everyone was learning about William Pike ( I was away ). Everyone learned about William Pike amazing story and then created a google drawing answering questions about him. Here's my google drawing!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Check Out My Groups Amazing 4 Shot Plan...

In Te Ngahere for the past few weeks we have been learning about filmmaking, ( WALT: tell a story in 4 shots ). We have been making a 4 shot plan. In this  plan we wrote the 4 shots that we chose and also wrote where we are going to use them. We wrote what subject we chose, my group chose Kapa Haka.

Here is our plan!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

My Informational Report!!!

For the last five weeks in Te Ngahere we have been learning to write informational reports ( WALT: Write an informational report).  Our first report was about a country and my country was Zimbabwe. When we were writing our report each of our paragraphs had to have a different topic. I chose three subtopics and they were my countries national animal, their languages and lastly their climate.

Here is my report!!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Common And Proper Nouns

Last week in Te Ngahere we were learning what the difference is between a Common and a Proper noun, so we could know when to use them in our informational report. We then had to make a google drawing, on one side we had to put Common nouns and on the other we put Proper nouns. We were allowed buddies so Cheyenne and I paired up.WALT know how to use common and Proper nouns in our writing.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Math Goals

Last week, in Te Ngahere we had to choose three maths goals from the math IKAN sheet. that we needed to learn,  ( WALT: Identify what we have achieved in maths and our next learning steps. ) We had to add these to our term 3 learning goals, we then made our goals red and if our goals were checked and if they were green we got to create a google drawing. On this google drawing we put our chosen math goals, for my maths goals I had to add an equation for subtraction, division and multiplication. Finally we got to decorate our google drawing however we would like, ( it had to have school related things though).

Here are my maths goals.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Koru And Kowhaiwhai

Last term Te Ngahere and Te Maunga created Koru and Kowhaiwhai patterns. We were learning to draw Koru and Kowhaiwhai patterns. We started on paper and used crayon to make a Koru pattern. After you had drew a Koru pattern with crayon, you got to get a piece of paper and with a pencil on your paper you had to draw Koru and Kowhaiwhai patterns. After that you got a smaller paper and you had to lightly draw your family Koru and Kowhaiwhai version. After this you showed the teacher and she would allow you to paint it, we waited overnight for the paint to dry then outlined it all with vivad. Here is my art!!!